Anti-Semitism in the Neighborhood

There is a rising tide of antisemitism sweeping across Europe and, more recently, the United States.  We now find that these ugly and abhorrent views have found a very comfortable home among many liberals, progressives and cultural Marxists of Orange and Durham counties.  Their influence has now reached the point where they are confident channeling their beliefs through our local government organizations.  It is our intention not to permit this trend to go unchallenged, and the Orange County NCGOP will take every opportunity to oppose it.

Please review some of our recent concerns and activities.


Regarding the Orange County sponsored visit of Linda Sarsour, she supports:
 Antisemitism,
 Terrorist Causes,
 A Convicted Cop Killer,
 Radical Islam,
 Radical American Left
 Opposes Women’s Rights  (for more please read … Objections to Linda Sarsour Speaking 3-31-19)

Comments Before the Orange County Commissioners by Seamus O'Neill:

For those that are not familiar with the brand of Linda Sarsour - she traffics in some of the most hateful ideas available in the public square – antisemitism, radical Islam, terrorism, and the demonization of women that speak out for their rights. She is smart, well-spoken, engaging, and dangerous to free people everywhere, particularly Jews and Muslim women.  (for the complete statement, please read … Comments to the Orange County Commissioners 4-2-19)

Antisemitism is not limited to our local governments.  Recently (March 22-24, 2019), UNC-Duke sponsor a federally funded Summit on Israel, which was thoroughly laced with antisemitism. Please view the link -UNC-Duke Summit on Israel.  See and hear things that in our experience, we have never heard on a college campus or anywhere in the US in our lifetimes, and, frankly, we never thought we ever would.