Orange County NCGOP Orange County NC Republican Party

1. The Light Rail project has been scrapped! Now let's press our County Commissioners to discontinue the TAXES imposed upon Orange County Citizens for that project! 


2. With the exception of Commissioner Earl McKee, the County Commissioners endorsed the NY, Socialist AOC's New Green Deal put forth by 4th District Congressman, David Price. In in a recent meeting, none of the Commissioners knew the details of this socialist plan to use taxpayer resources to move radically toward Socialism. Yet they obediently voted in favor of it!


3. The Orange County government is out of control! Our Commissioners spent almost $10,000 plus to bring Anti-semite Linda Sarsour to Hillsborough to spew her hateful propaganda to an audience of about 100 people!!! Tax Payers need to beware of what your elected leaders are doing WITHOUT the consent of the governed.