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First things first: Mark Harris needs your help. I'm sure most of you read the email last week about his legal defense fund. If you'd like to contribute, information is available at the new microsite for Congressman-Elect Harris:

Second, Virginia is a pure dumpster fire right now. The Governor, after essentially endorsing infanticide, admitted he dressed up in racially offensive costumes. The Lt. Governor is under fire for alleged sexual assault. The Attorney General admits HE was in blackface too. From the outside looking in, Virginia Democrats have completely collapsed. Sit back, enjoy your popcorn, and make sure your tray tables are in the upright and locked position.



With the absolute Charlie Foxtrot in Virginia, just how does the line of succession work? Former Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccineli explains how it works and how VA Republicans could use these scandals for gain in 2019. Washington Examiner

Remember the "For The People Act" that was introduced a couple weeks ago? Sure you do. It's the one that would destroy the concept of federalism for Democrat gains across state legislatures. It's almost surely to be unconstitutional, so read why: National Review

The SOTU had a great line from the President: "America will never be a socialist country." So, you've probably seen some form of this argument before from the socialists in the Democrat Party: "Libraries, fire departments, and police officers are all socialist government!" It's ridiculous. How do you fight back against these false arguments? National Review

Not a good week for Democrat Presidential candidates. First, Sens. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris were up to their usual bigotry on the Senate Judiciary Committee, trying to smear the nominee for Kavanaugh's seat on the D.C. Circuit Court, Neomi Rao. Second, Elizabeth Warren has claimed she's never used her imaginary status as a minority to advance her career. Let's see what's on that application to the Texas Bar, shall we? CNN


A very underreported story this week: Roy Cooper tried to triple North Carolina's debt ceiling without a vote by the representatives of the people. That should tell you quite about Cooper's thirst for power. Carolina Journal

Experts agree: North Carolina's economy continues to run smoothly. Several diverse panelists gave their thoughts on the state's economy, so check out some different perspectives here: Business North Carolina

Medicaid expansion has been in the news a bit lately, but it's the Medicaid reforms which conservative legislators have implemented  that has allowed NC to reform the health care system to a managed care model. What are these reforms going to do? Read some of the insight here: The Virginian-Pilot

This past December, Roy Cooper decided to appoint Lawana Mayfield to the Human Rights Commission. Mayfield is a 9/11 truther and called cops "homegrown terrorists." Cooper rescinded her appointment, which led to the revelation of another member of the HRC agreeing with Mayfield's comments. No joke. Tennessee Star



With Congress still taking its time getting moving, no major legislation was moved this week. Lots of people are introducing bills (over 1000 already in the House), but things won't seriously move for a few more weeks.

Bad Bill Of The Week - While it hasn't been officially filed, everyone's least favorite democratic socialist AOC rolled out the Green New Deal. This deal, while short on detail and actual policy, would eliminate the airline industry, pay people who are unwilling to work, and kill all cows that fart. I kid you not. Even Pelosi doesn't like it. Read their outline here: Green New Deal


A few bills were filed this week, but committees are still getting ready to roll. Per the offices of Senator Berger and Speaker Moore, expect some floor votes next week.


Check the NCGOP calendar! As was stated last week, more events have been added for the upcoming precinct and county conventions. Want to go to the 2020 Convention in Charlotte? This is your first step getting in the door. Check out the calendar here.

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Jeff Hauser