Our Stand of The Sanctity of Life

Our culture overall recognizes that all human life is sacred and worth defending.  Sanctity of life is a core principle with focus on the family and inherent respect for human life, family and community.  We support the value of life for all stages of individual development.


This is a topic at the forefront of the discussion today with the recent Democrat debates and platforms in which all the pro-choice presidential candidates tout support for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.  Not a single candidate speaks for the majority of Americans who oppose using tax dollars to pay for abortions.  These presidential candidates are out of step with some polls showing the American public and many of the candidates own party members do not support tax funding and infanticide.  We do not support tax funded abortions and urge laws to support and require medical care for babies that survive abortions.  According to the Guttmacher Institute 879,000 abortions occurred in the US during 2017.  From 1970-2015, 45,789,558 abortions were carried out in the US.

Abortion is a barbaric procedure that is at odds with the fundamental principles of democracies.  Adoption is a viable alternative for those individuals who do not want a child.  This is a humane alternative to abortion. There is a need in American for adoptions.  I know of a professional couple with two of their own children who had to go outside of the United States to adopt 2 children as they could not get babies in our country at the time.  Governor Mike Dunleavy of Alaska sent a different message from NC Governor Roy Cooper and the governors of New York and Virginia.  He said to the Alaska Supreme Court that if the Court forced tax-payers to pay for state funded elective abortions, the cost would be taken from the courts’ State budget.

According to the United Nations only 9 countries out of a total of 195 countries in the world have higher abortion rates that the US:  Bulgaria, Cuba, Estonia, Georgia, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.  As estimated 13-23 million abortions happen annually in China. 

We believe all persons of good conscience must acknowledge that an infant born alive whether naturally or through failed abortion is a legal person entitled to the protection of the law. 

Our resolution:  “We oppose infanticide and urge the enactment of laws to require medical care for babies that survive abortions, and support all efforts to eliminate on-demand abortions, late term abortions and post birth neglect of an infant”

Waddy Davis

July 8, 2019