Republican Recap 12/20/19

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Another relatively boring debate, although you will want to watch this clip of Mayor Pete Buttigieg absolutely wrecking Sen. Warren during a spar over donor purity tests. Impeachment is over...for now. Speaker Pelosi is considering holding the articles in the House until the Senate can guarantee a "fair trial" while McConnell laughs. In other news, the economy gets a record ranking and the filing period is complete (for a full list of candidates, go here). Before you hit the stores for some last-minute gift shopping or settle in to watch some bowl games, check out the stories you may have missed this week. 

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Speaking of Sen. Warren, she put out a far-reaching list of endorsements from several former Obama officials, including one guy who's an alleged sexual predator. Washington Examiner

Most of y'all probably don't watch the Sunday morning shows like Meet The Press or Fox News Sunday. Either way, last week Chris Wallace landed an interview with the disgraced James Comey. It was a master class in how to tear apart your interviewee. Townhall

Many of you all have used something from the gig economy, e.g. Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, or Postmates. Most of the people who work for these companies are considered contractors, not employees. In California, media company Vox pushed for the law to classify the people who work for them as employees, not contractors, and thus a law was passed. As a result, hundreds of these contractors are now being laid off. Ironic, ain't it? CNBC

In the debate last night, not one candidate embraced nuclear power as a clean energy alternative, which shows they're not really serious about addressing our environment. On the other hand, fracking - or hydraulic fracturing - has been a huge reason why greenhouse gas emissions have dropped significantly over the last decade. Take a deep dive into how this happened. Commentary


This is a pretty cool profile of a rapper from Greensboro. His mother was a Black Panther but 30-year-old Bryson Gray, who's opened for some high profile rappers, is pro-life and pro-Trump. New Yorker

Last week, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote. Included in the legislation was a provision to address medical malpractice lawsuits, something extremely important to this Green Beret (who got a new home this morning!) from NC. WJZY

An interesting story was out this week about the state's incentive programs. Something like this: Company A gets $X in incentives to put their company in North Carolina. Many have argued that the state should do away with it's incentive program, although the counterargument is that the state would be at a huge disadvantage since other states wouldn't do the same. The more important question: how successful are they and how can we improve the program so the state has more general fund money to address other issues? WRAL

It's clear a lot of Democrats despise your right to self defense via the Second Amendment. Now that seems to include law enforcement officers like far-left Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker. His decision to close a shooting range without even informing his fellow liberals on the Wake County Commission has even concerned them. The News & Observer



Aside from impeachment, the House Democrats' strategy is just bonkers: on the same week they're voting to impeach Trump, they deliver him a signature win on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) in a bipartisan vote. On the other hand, House Democrats repealed the SALT cap from the 2017 tax cut bill. Long story short, it's a win for the rich, the same people Democrats want to tax to death. They also passed another short-term spending bill that the President has indicated he'll sign.

Senator McConnell not only decimated the impeachment proceedings from the House, but he kept up with what will undoubtedly be the Trump administration's legacy: remaking the federal judiciary. They confirmed THIRTEEN MORE judges this week. That means that nearly 20% of the ENTIRE federal judiciary have judges confirmed in the last 3 years. Love him or hate him, McConnell is a judge-confirming master.


Both chambers are out until January.


The Harnett County GOP is hosting a forum for the candidates seeking the nomination for Lt. Governor on January 4. Check it out here: Harnett County GOP Lt. Gov. Forum

Coming up on January 18, 2020 is the annual North Carolina Right To life prayer breakfast and subsequent march in downtown Raleigh. It's the premiere pro-life event in North Carolina. Check it out: NCRTL Prayer Breakfast

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what's listed there.


No Recap next week due to the holiday. Hope everyone has a safe and very Merry Christmas!

Jeff Hauser