Republicans Denounce Vandalism

Last week the Chapel Hill campaign office of Michael Bloomberg was vandalized. This was just one of many attacks on Bloomberg offices leading up to Super Tuesday. Others occurred in Burlington Vermont, Salt Lake City, Chicago, Austin Texas, Toledo Ohio, Knoxville Tennessee, Ann Arbor Michigan, and possibly elsewhere. Were these attacks planned and coordinated, and if so by who? We don’t know, and hopefully investigations by law enforcement authorities will answer these questions.

What we do know is that for many years the Democratic party has coddled, catered to and comforted the most extreme political ideologies in an effort to broaden their base. Many of these ideologies have as a core tenant of their beliefs that the end justifies the means, often meaning violence against people and property is acceptable. Such belief systems are not designed to promote the free and open exchange of ideas. Rather, they are intended to undermine and destabilize the peaceful conduct of political affairs. This puts us all in danger.

Here we stand, more than three years out from one of our own violent incidents, the fire-bombing of the Orange County Republican’s headquarters in Hillsborough. While the investigation is still active it has achieved no material progress towards prosecuting the perpetrators. However, the FBI still has an ongoing active case of the firebombing, with a $20,000 reward leading to information and arrest of those responsible.

The Orange County Republicans condemn all political violence and call for civil discourse. Further, we call upon the Democratic party to shed its gentle acceptance of extreme ideologies and those that promote them.

Waddy Davis,

Chairman, Orange County Republican Party