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January, 2019

Happy New Year, fellow Conservatives. I’m sure everyone is holding true to any New Year's resolutions they have made. I have to keep reminding myself that changing a habit is like a marathon, not just a short race.

This will be a big year for the OCGOP. Here is an overview of some of the activities and events we are planning. Please mark your calendar.

February 14 – Our monthly meeting will be a Valentine Pot Luck dinner. The meeting will start a half hour earlier than usual, at 6:30 PM. This will be our last meeting at the 347 Ja-Max Drive location.  We are optimistic for the good things in the year ahead.

February 16 & 23 (Saturdays) – We need volunteers to help move all OCGOP items to Sunrise Church for storage. We will be holding OCGOP monthly meetings for the next 4+ months until finding a new office space. Pastor Rod Chaney has been very helpful in allowing us to store and hold monthly meeting temporarily at the Sunrise Church.

Saturday, March 30 – The OCGOP annual County Convention will be held at Sunrise Church where it has been for the past several years. The location is 1315 New Hope Trace Dr, just off Churton St and off I-40 exit 263. Registration is from 9:00 AM-10:00 AM. Precinct meetings begin at 10:00. The Convention will be 11:00-12:00. Breakfast refreshments will be available. We will be electing Officers and Precinct Chairs and getting delegates for the 4th District and State NCGOP Convention.

April 11 – The monthly meeting will be held at Sunrise Church. We will review lessons learned from previous elections and consider best business practices and strategies as we approach the 2020 Presidential Election.

We are planning several fund raisers for 2019. In May, we will have a BBQ with a live band. The annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner will take place in September. We are hoping to get Lieutenant Governor Dan Forrest as our guest speaker for that event.

Additionally, I plan to have several guest speakers at upcoming monthly meetings, including talks on the Supreme Court and the state of the economy.

We look forward to seeing you at these and other events throughout the coming year!


Waddy Davis,

Chairman, Orange County Republican Party





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