It's More Than Just Balloons

The problems with the Biden/Harris administration go higher than just popping balloons out of the sky. As the President tries to get his re-election off the ground, he cannot get his numbers to come up. Every time he is poised to announce, another misstep trips him up. The State Of The Union address was supposed to be the launching pad. He claimed unity, and pushed separation. The day after he went to Wisconsin. Saying he was getting thinks done, but has done little. He wants to push his plans, and vault his campaign announcement, but he cannot.

- His overstep in Student Loan Forgiveness, a campaign promise, is stuck and recently challenged in the Supreme Court.

- His campaign needs lawyers, due to the Republican led Congress has stated hearings. Get your laptops out.

- His campaign is closed, as an Open Border Crisis continues.

- His campaign is derailed in Ohio, after a Hazmat situation occurred, and his response has been slow due to dead fish.

- His campaign is bogged down in Ukraine due to lack of leadership and standing up to Putin.

- His campaign is on hold due to tensions with China on all fronts. Balloons, Wu Han Lab disclosure and tensions over Taiwan. He will not Stand up, and he always backs-down.


In the cause of the right.


John B. Gaither,