We have talked before about the Planks of what Republicans believe: Strong National Defense and Foreign Policy, Gun Ownership, Freedom of Religion, The Smallest Government is the best Government, Free Trade, People’s Right to be Free, Capital Punishment, Supply Side Economics, School Choice, and Marriage between One Man-One Woman. We oppose Government run Welfare, Single Payer Government run Health Care, Labor Unions, Abortion and embryonic stem cell research, Affirmative Action, Legalization of Drugs, and Open Door Immigration.


I have always said that the Republican Party tent is a big tent. Not all Republicans share the same views the same way across the board. But we know together we make America a better Country.


The purpose of a County Convention is to discuss what bring us together as well as divides us. We are Conservative, and we want to leave our County better, than how we found it. We work hard for that, but the Struggle is Real, and we are loosing ground. In our Liberal dominated County, we have a hard time getting our messaging out. We have to raise our own voice, if we are to be heard. The local and national media will never make our case for us. We are fighting for good government, good schools, and a good society. We believe in protecting our families.


We still are striving to be the bright shinning city on a hill. Will you join us in our endeavor? Come talk with us about why you are a Conservative.


In The Cause of the Right,


Rev. John B. Gaither,

Chairman OCGOP