When Is An Insurrection Not An Insurrection

We have just past the 3rd anniversary of the January 6th Protest in Washington DC. There have been 1,229 citizens arrested and charged for their involvement. But one interesting fact is that not one of those charged, were charged with insurrection.


So if no one was charged with insurrection, how can the Colorado State Supreme Court, and the Maine Secretary of State take the overstep to say there was insurrection, when the person in question has not even be charged, let alone convicted of said charge. Federal Code 18 USC 2383 addresses Insurrection. The standard to prove it would to first be charged, then allow due process to take place. Present evidence to a jury, and let the jury decide. That as not taken place against the 45th President of the US, Donald J. Trump. Neither has Donald Trump brought his defense of such charges in court, mainly because he has never been charged.


My question to those advocating this question before the Supreme Court, that has accepted the question is this, “When is an Insurrection an Insurrection?”


At the end of the day, Alvin Bragg, Fani Willis, Jack Smith, the Colorado State Supreme Court and Sheena Bellow need to allow the former President his day in court, before they can even begin to think of keeping the front runner of a major political party off the ballot in the 2024 Presidential Elections. Let’s see what US Supreme Court decides after February 8th, 2024 Oral Arguments, and await their decision.


In the cause of the right.


John B. Gaither,