Why Do They Turn On Each Other

How long have I reminded you that you cannot out Woke the Woke. Well the left has reached a new high. Look at the problems they are causing on College campuses like Harvard, Cornell and George Washington and others across the country supporting Hamas. The people who decry the Republican Party for being in their eyes as racist, are in fact showing their true stripes. If you recall, the conservatives in Orange County stood up and called fowl when Linda Sarsour was paid taxpayer money to come and give a speech in 2019. Since the Attack in Israel in October, many other groups have shown their Anti-Semitic colors. Protest in Durham, closing down the Durham Freeway, allow the protesters to go free with no arrests. Renee Price (D-House Dist 50) stepped out of a Vote in support of Israel, while Graig Meyer (D-Sen Dist 23) voted with other Democrats against a State Senate bill in the Hamas attacks. I wonder how their Jewish supporters feel about their deceit? Our President in his own way is also complicit, by giving Iran the money it uses to continue to support terrorism in the Middle East. The Billions given to build schools, hospitals, infrastructure has gone to fund tunnels and other terrorist activities.

When a Pro-Palestinian College Student shout’s, “From the River to the Sea,” they are calling for the Genocide of a great and proud nation. No one wants peace more than Israel, but there are many who would do all they can to destroy that peace. That is why when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says, “We did not start this War, but we will finish it.” you can believe the time for restraint has past, and the time for retaliation has begun.


In the cause of the Right,


Rev. John B. Gaither, 

Chairman - OCGOP