If I Had A Dime...

If I had a Dime -

The hardest part of being the County Chairman is the complaints about the Republicans that we work so hard to help elect. And yes, if I had a dime every time someone told me how displeased they were with our elected candidates, then I could almost retire.

I have repeatedly said that Richard Burr was not the same person who went to DC 30 years ago. The reason I can back Ted Budd, who entered office this week as our Junior Senator, is I believe the Swamp will have a harder time corrupting him. Let’s pray that is true.

Just two years ago we re-elected Thom Tillis, at this months OCGOP meeting we will be discussing what we had to do against Richard Burr, censure. Tillis was a great conservative leader of the NC House in Raleigh, before Tim Moore took the reins. Leading our Party to control the Legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. Telling our Elected Party Senator, that he is not welcome in our office, and that we will not put our full effort in his re-election is difficult. All the while, Democrats laugh at us, because they think we are crazy. They say that their caucus always pulls together against Republicans, and their causes, no matter what. We consider this move due to his violation of our parties platform, and ethics.

My biggest disagreement with Donald Trump is that he is so quick to turn on those elected members in our party. Soon Trump will only have enemies, and no allies. It is much like how the Woke, will shun everyone because they are not Woke enough. In political circles we know we have to work to get consensus of what will be law. But that does not take away the bad taste that come with it. We never get the perfect candidate, nor does it seem we get a perfect government.

We see the same desired accountability currently in DC, as the US House cannot pick a leader. Many cannot put their trust in Kevin McCarthy, due a desire to have a leader who will not vacillate, and have a conservative backbone.


In The Cause of the Right,


Rev. John B. Gaither,

Chairman OCGOP