Weapons of Mass Destruction

I've been involved in the lives are children for years. My first area of ministry was working in Children's Church. I'm have been involved in Church Youth Camp, and Vacation Bible School. I have served in a local Boy Scout Troop, and on a Christian School Board here in Hillsborough. I now have 4 kids and soon to be 6 Grandchildren. I mention all this, because there comes a time when two kids see things different. You have heard kids say, “That's not fair.” Not too different than where our divided Country is currently.


We believe in fairness. Everyone should be treated fairly. One of the pillars of our Republic is equal justice under the law. Another important idea is the “rule of law.” The rule of law means that everyone must obey the law, and no one is above the law. This means that the government and its leaders must also obey the law. As conservatives we believe, uphold and defend that standard. We have seen for years the Weaponizing the Judiciary. Whether it was Eric Holder carrying the water for the Obama Administration, Loretta Lynch working with Hilary Clinton Campaign and FBI Director James Comey to tip the scales. I'm not going to bring up the shortcomings of Merrick Garland.


A judge in July 2016 blocked a North Carolina law that required voters to produce photo identification, and is said to be disproportionately affecting minorities, finding that the law was intended to make it harder for blacks. When 68% of voter believe in Voter ID. We have argued that an unelected Judge blocked Voter Rights in NC.


Which bring us to events of the April 2022.


  1. Trump was indicted in a NYC courtroom. Where a weak case that has been passed on by FEC, and Special Council Robert Mueller. The wealth and breath of legal discovery against Donald Trump is tragic that an activist DA, who campaigned to, “Get Trump,” can bring such a sad case. There may be 2 more cases brought. The question is, are these cases going forward in the name of Justice, or Trump Delusion Syndrome.

  2. A US District Court Judge in Texas, a Trump appointee, ruled that Mifepristone should be blocked. The ruling centers around the thought that the FDA went beyond its authority when it approved the medication. Lawyers also argued that a 19th century anti-obscenity law, the Comstock Act, prohibits the mailing of any medication used for abortion. A Dueling ruling in WA state is the opposite end of the spectrum of the Abortion issue. A Federal Judge on Friday ordered U.S. authorities not to make any changes that would restrict access to the abortion medication in 17 Democratic-led states that sued over the issue, countering a ruling by a judge in Texas on the same day that ordered a hold on federal approval of the drug. The dueling decisions threw into question of access to the nation’s most common method of abortion.


Due to this, the Sunday Morning talk shows were all over the Left's side of the argument. Everything in the table including the secretary of HHS Chief Xavier.


In the cause of the right.

John B. Gaither,

Chairman OCGOP