Holiday Blessings

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Chag urim sameach, Heri za Kwanzaa! Blessing to You and Yours …

No matter how you tell other's about Celebrating the Holidays, we all know they are special. We share the light with each other. Lights on a tree, in the house or just the simple light of a candle. They bring warmth, memories, and good will to all who see them.

It is also a season of reflection. I look back at Covid, and see the loss of my own mother this past May. You may have had some difficulty in the 2021. It was certainly action packed with the Events of January of the Protest in DC, and the Inauguration of President Joe Biden. Getting or not, one of the vaccines, and the Mandates. Elements in the News, and in our families, leave a mark in our lives. I remember how I looked forward to a great 2020, and how glad the year finally ended. I have the same feeling in 2021.

Winters Cold is with us, and the nights are long. But yet while we enjoy time with cherished family and friends, we also prepare for tomorrow. Our work does not end. As I pray for you and your family today, please pray for me. Blessing in the New Year and Happy 2022. Continue in the Traditions.

Also make plans now to join us for our Annual Christmas Party at Sunrise Church, 6:00pm on Friday December 10th, 2021.  We will be joined by fellow conservatives from Durham County GOP.  It's a Potluck,


In the Cause of the Right,

- Rev. John B. Gaither, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party