I Woke Up Thinking About You

I Woke Up Thinking About You. -

Yes, it's true. I'm thinking about all that has to be accomplished in the coming months. The Conservative movement is making great strides, unfortunately due to the lack of leadership in Washington. I truly believe that we will be seeing impressive wins this Fall. But those wins will not come just by sitting back. I have been busy as your County Chairman attending training and meetings over the last year. I have learned a lot, but I lack to ability to get all the information out to you. I need to begin to get the right pieces in place to have us running like a well oiled machine. I'm sort of like you. I hold down a job, and have responsibilities, and things I have to accomplish outside of politics. But I can tell we all are ready to get back into full swing. Your County Party is planning our Lincoln-Reagan-Trump Dinner. We are also planning our Annual Precinct and County Conventions in March. Thanks to Democrats, who knows when the Primaries will be? But all of those items do not stop the clock that keeps turning.

I have people inquire all the time about how they can get involved. Everyone has a different gifts and talents they bring to the table, as well as time constraints. I sincerely need a new County Secretary on the Executive Committee. Our present Secretary, Rene Borghese is resigning to run for Congress. We wish her and her campaign well. I also need a new Assistant-Treasurer to help Jim Carroll. Bonnie O'Neill who has held the position for the last 6 years was selected to Preside over the Republican Women's Club of Chapel Hill, and we wish her much great success in that position. The Asst. Treasurer keeps watch over our Building Fund Account. We also need help in our digital communications. We so miss Becky in the office. She was a great help to keep Waddy, myself on track. Her deadlines helped this procrastinator to do his job. She was able to accomplish getting out not just our Monthly Newsletter on time, but weekly updates, and Quick email blasts as needed, as well as make our county website was one of the top county websites in the state. Waddy continues to look for the last few Precinct Chair's down in Chapel Hill. It has been many years that we had someone cover all of our Precincts. Waddy is pushing back his upcoming training into April, after the County Convention. Reach out to me if any of these positions interest you. I have learned so much in this past year, now I need to impart that information to you so we can bring home wins in the Fall. Thank you for letting me serve as your Chairman.


In the Cause of the Right,

- Rev. John B. Gaither, Chairman,

Orange County Republican Party