Is There a Multiverse?

Do you remember watching Spider-man on TV when you were younger? I remember getting home from school and putting on Spidey as he battled Doc Ock or Green Goblin. Fast forward to 2002 and Spider-man went up on the Big Screen. Since then there have been new actors, and reboots. Some good, some upset fans of the Masked Web Slinger. Today, there is a complete understanding by fans, of the Marvel Multiverse. The ability to be one thing in one Timeline/World/Universe, but different in other World/Universes. I mention this because I took my son to see the latest Blockbuster, “Spider-Man – No Way Home.” The audience is enjoying watching the plot unfold. The Present day Spidey watches as the previous actor's over the last 20 years pop-up and help save the world. I was sitting in the Multiplex, next to a younger person about 13 years old. I can tell he does not know who Tobey Mcguire was as Spider-Man, because most of the audience applauded when he showed up on the screen. I had to admit, I enjoyed seeing my old masked friend. I could identify with his problems in life. But for this 13 year old next to me, not my son, because we saw the films together, he did not have the wealth of time to remember, or know the victories this old Spider-man had. Even the appearance of the old Green Goblin took me back to remember how good a villain William Dafoe was, though I still do not like his work as the Messiah in the 1980's. I say all of this, to get to my point.

Our Millennial Generation, and Generation Z do not have the life experiences that we of older generations have. They can run circles around us with the present day technology. But they may have gaps when it comes to history. Their entire life has had the availability of the internet and smartphone. I can hear two bars of a 1970's song, and be singing it in my head all day. We remember Jimmy Carter's high interest rates. We heard the State of the Union Speeches delivered by Ronald Reagan that left us encouraged, even while battling Tip O'Neill in Congress. Some of the younger generations understanding is what they argue in the echo chamber of information. They look at the problems that present day Culture has, and come up with a Web of Reality that may be good, but could also do great damage.

As much as we want to get our point-of-view in the arguments of consideration, we cannot. We are not the influencer's that they listen to. If a college student hears how wonderful Socialism is, how can we ever let them know how destructive it is? I am fortunate that my children are Conservative, at least I have a chance to share my Worldview with them. What about those who live in divided houses. Their Spouse/Kids/Grand-kids do not share the Blessings of Holding Conservative Values. The Pop-Culture Media has their ear, and the Pied-Piper is leading them astray. “With great power, comes great responsibility.” - Uncle Ben Parker to Peter Parker.

Excelsior -  In the Cause of the Right,

Rev. John B. Gaither, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party