It's Madness

It's March, and so far the weather has been more lamb that lion. But just wait. There are always the changes that March brings as we turn back the clocks, and begin Spring Cleaning. In NC though, Winter can return, and we can still have March Snows. The TV will be showing Buzzer Beaters, as March Madness Explodes. These are recognizable and welcome friends.


Some similar old Friends have returned, Inflation, High Gas Prices, and Rumors of War. To Conservatives we associate all the things to the first few days of the Biden Administration. His 77 executive orders in 2021, showed our enemies that we are weak. That the Green New Deal was more important than the US Economy. And lastly that America should buy energy from Russia, Iran, and Venezuela instead of being a Net Exporter, and lead the Free World. Instead we send our money to dictators, who hate us, but love our money, and plot domination. Even reasonable Democrats are tired of the Biden Policies. His State of the Union was a joke, and provided no real policy changes. If you would ask Joe, he would rather Build Back Broke, instead of letting America be Energy Independent. He wants to hold back the Creativity and Desire that the Free Market Capital brings. I believe that the Moral Decline of America, has brought about the same greed present in the Russian Oligarchs.


As we go thru March, America wants Hope. Let's pray we and the people of Ukraine find it.


In the Cause of the Right, -

Rev. John B. Gaither,

Chairman, Orange County Republican Party