UPDATE: Lt Gen Michael Flynn Truth Upheld by Federal Judge

UPDATE (6/27/20):  LTG Michael Flynn Truth Upheld by Federal Judge


Below are the list of Obama administration unmaskers and four articles from The Federalist discussing the conspiracy against Lt. Gen. Flynn, the Trump campaign and his presidency.  Next to the assassination of a president it may prove to be the greatest political crime in the history of our nation.

Normally Orange County GOP social media focuses on state and local issues in the belief that Orange County Republicans have many good sources of national news. However, the revelations of the past two weeks have clearly identified a conspiracy to destroy the Trump campaign and overthrow the President of the United States. The potential depth and breadth of this conspiracy deserves the attention of every social media connection we can muster right down to the county GOP level.

Please see the info below:

1. List of Flynn Unmaskers from the Director of National Intelligence.

2. Why Did Obama Tell The FBI To Hide Its Activities From The Trump Administration?

3. Your Guide To The Obama Administration’s Hit On Michael Flynn 

4. 7 Devastating Revelations About Crossfire Hurricane In New Releases

5. Grassley Demands Answers: ‘What Did Obama And Biden Know And When Did They Know It?’ 


-Waddy Davis, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party

 May 25, 2020




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