Statement on the Attack at the Capitol

With all the events of the past week, we need to remain grounded in our principles as a party and as individuals, being founded in the constitution, rule of law and abiding faith. We condemn the assault on the US Capitol and the people who contributed to the violence. They will be held accountable under the law for their actions. Who were they? 

We are a nation and community of compassion and need to keep President Trump, his family and our leaders in our prayers as well as the President-elect, Joe Biden. OCGOP wishes to express condolences to the families of the people who died in the Capitol riots. 

The Conservative core values and principles of freedom are the same today as when they were first established 244 years ago by the Founding Fathers. This is a time for reflection and coming together as individuals, a party, community and nation in pursuit of the common good. 

Focusing on the way ahead, we can have an impact. A top priority is election integrity. North Carolina election laws need to be tightened up, loopholes closed, voter roll enforcement reviewed, reduction in the number of days of early voting, reinforcement of non-citizenship voting and voting by illegal immigrants, and enacting stiffer penalties for voter fraud.  

-We need to apply for and join County Committees and Boards.  I have already sent out information about current vacancies that need to be filled. 

-We need to get conservatives involved in running for local and state public office. A strategic goal is to win back the US House; a total of 469 House and Senate seats are up for election in November 2022.  Let's win back the House for America.

-We need to register new voters and maintain current voters and increase voter turnout.

-We need to hold our elected representatives accountable.

-We need to stand strong and peaceful in our convictions.

-We need to strengthen our relationships with our precincts.

-We need to develop a relationship with the Republican Legislature.

-We need to benchmark successful ideas from other counties/states. 

-We should be optimistic going into the future at the grass roots level. This is where we can exercise control and have an impact.

We are not going away. It is a travesty that the US House of Representatives voted - along with 10 Republicans - to impeach President Trump for a second time. It is still up in the air what Senator Mitch McConnell will do with the Senate. We need to be persistent in making calls and emailing Senators Tillis, Burr and Mitch McConnell. The Democratic leadership headed by Nancy Pelosi has been firing flaming arrows of hate and hypocrisy over the past four years at President Trump. The 45th President of the United States has done many great things for the American People. We need to remember that and send him thanks for all his accomplishments. 

“Governments’ first duty is to protect the people, not run for their lives.” – Ronald Reagan, 40th President

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedom it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

-Waddy Davis, Colonel (Ret), US Army Special Forces
 Chairman, Orange County Republican Party