The Scary Monster

It's October, and you are the Scary Monster.

They don't like you. Torches and pitchforks are not enough to hunt you down and stop you. In fact, Donald Trump said just after the first impeachment vote, “In reality they're not after me, they're after you. I'm just in the way.”

They have used every tool in their box to embarrass and erase him. Impeached him, twice. Do you realize there is nothing we can do to play nice with them? They despise us. We are a Basket of Deplorables. Smelly Walmart Shoppers. Insurrectionists. We stand in their way.

They want to have another big party. Like the feeling they had when Bill, Hillary, and Al were on the stage in 1992 after his acceptance speech and Fleetwood Mac was singing, “Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.” The feeling they had on the night Barack Obama was elected and he made the speech in Grant Park in Chicago with Oprah there. They want to celebrate your demise with balloons and wine. They want to wipe away any sense of your American values: the flag, the police, the church, the military.

They are afraid of your alternative media outlets, radio talk show hosts, blogs and every other way you hear and receive your Tin Hat message. They are afraid of your guns. Those dangerous pieces of metal in the back window of your pickup truck, or hidden in your purse or belt under your jacket. They are afraid of your Bible and your God. Your God is not their God. They want to rewrite your Constitution, because it’s a living document. They want to cancel you. They will dox you. Shut you down. Have their fact checkers fact check you. Take you to court, and if you lose, you have to pay the court costs including their overpriced lawyers’ fees.

They will close your business because of Covid. You are racist. You are against immigration and open borders. Why are you against their globalist policies? You're anti-abortion. You support all those murdering soldiers. They say you want to start World War III. You are dumb; you are stupid. They are sophisticated. You are the capitalists who pollute. You don't care. You are callous. You have no feelings. They tell their print media, TV news media, and social media to squash you, silence you, remove you. They could care less when you drop your subscription to the local newspaper due to their biased editorial content. Big Brother knows the answer to 2+2. They use CEOs to do their bidding, because they are Woke. Bring your vaccine card to have a steak, but don't worry about your ID to vote.

You have to stop questioning their intentions. They want you to give up. You should quit voting, not use your rights. They don't want you to call in and state your opinion. Why can they not influence you? The moment you get discouraged, the time you get fed up with our own Party leadership and you hang up your gloves in the fight, they win. They have grown tired of you. You are the Ugly Monster in the closet that keeps coming back in the next movie.

They are afraid of you, because they cannot stop you.

In the Cause of the Right,

- Rev. John B. Gaither, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party