The Time to Get Involved is NOW!

Winning the 2020 elections will move North Carolina and the USA in the right direction into the next decade.

The current polls are unreliable. We question Joe Biden’s soundness of mind, the media in general is still not getting it right on President Trump, the pandemic has been challenging, and riots and protests all paint a negative picture in the pre-election landscape. However, President Trump always emerges stronger and rises above the fray continuing to lead the American people. His focus is on the recovery of the economy and bringing America back to a sense of normalcy while keeping an eye on Covid-19. The expectation is that the economy will improve by the last quarter of the year. 

What all of us need to do is get involved NOW and help get more conservatives registered and showing up at the polls or requesting and casting their absentee ballot for the upcoming November election. We cannot afford to have low turnout in 2020 as all our votes in North Carolina count in the aggregate for state and Federal candidates. (Go here for registration and ballot information.)

As we go about our daily business and are engaged in our family affairs, the Democratic Anarchists are tearing down American monuments, even as Governor Cooper watches from his capital window smiling approvingly. There is a legal process and there are procedures for removing statues that follow a democratic process, but that is not the action being taken. Anarchy is taking place where there are Democratic leaders who just stand by and let the monuments topple down. The cover story used is by Black Lives Matter, the founders of which are all Marxists. Racial inequity and law enforcement must be addressed at the county, state and national level with open discourse and actions working toward improving the best way ahead.

You can help by volunteering for an area of interest to you, or please share a donation to the OCGOP and support our cause and our strong candidates. 

-Waddy Davis
 Chairman, Orange County Republican Party