The Truth Comes Out


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The Truth Comes Out

There is a smartphone app game called, “The Truth Comes Out.” It pits you against your friends and asks them different questions that are funny, and sometimes can be embarrassing. This past week the truth came out about Roe v. Wade. The Politico released a Draft of the upcoming SCOTUS ruling that is expected in June, over a decision of a Mississippi law.


For myself, as the Chairman of the County Party, the truth comes out. I am a Republican because of the Abortion question. I am unapologetically Pro-Life. I believe life begins at conception. I will fight to preserve life. I would even give up Capital Punishment, if it took the argument away from the Progressive Democrat Party. Yes, women have a choice, but so does the human being in their womb. There is more protection in the US over a Migratory Bird's egg, than a human baby. The same is true of a baby seal, or nesting turtle eggs, and Little Brown Bats.


Many argue when life is viable.  Current technology is able to help babies as young as 23 to 24 weeks gestation. That has come a long way since 1973. This week Senator Chuck Schumer will force his party on the record. The Women's Health Protection Act, a law that has past the House, that says Abortion is legal unit late in the ninth month, even as late as just before birth. That is appalling.


Just as Covid-19 was used to change the 2020 Elections, now it it seems that the Abortion Question will be the hook, used by the Left to control the 2022 Elections. Again we see elections have consequences. Where do you fall in the debate?


In the Cause of the Right, -

Rev. John B. Gaither,

Chairman, Orange County Republican Party