Biden Lied, People Died

Biden Lied   People Died   Impeach Him

One thing the American people cannot abide is being lied to. Biden and the Democrats are guilty as can be.

In Biden’s inaugural address he said he sought unity and that his administration would be the most transparent in history. But every action he has taken has been designed to pit one group against another. Republicans against Democrats; blacks against whites; the rich versus the poor; illegal aliens versus citizens.

He says that the $3.5 trillion (really more like 5 or 6 trillion) spending blow-out that they are pursuing will not cost anything. That it will, by magic, be fully paid for and that anyone making $400K or less will not see their taxes rise. This is obviously insane. The Democrats want to turn this into a socialist country. They don’t have a mandate to do it. The American people don’t want it but they don’t care. They’ll try to jam it through with 50 votes using reconciliation.

Biden claims that the disaster he engineered in Afghanistan was a success, when we still have hundreds of Americans trapped behind enemy lines. And we left behind $80 billion worth of sophisticated military equipment for the Taliban to use against us.

Biden’s most damaging lie is that he “doesn’t recall” being told that he needed to keep at least 2500 troops in Afghanistan to avert disaster there. And in the next sentence he says that the military was “split” in their recommendations. Both things cannot be true. If he doesn’t recall being told, how can he claim that they were split on what he was told. All three of the Generals’ testimony on September 28 was very clear. They told him and even put it in writing that troops needed to remain.

And as result of his stupid decision people died.

Biden claimed he would get Covid under control but he has failed. He claimed inflation was transitory but it is roaring right along.

His DHS Secretary says the border is closed, but it is wide open. Illegal aliens are pouring through and don’t have to get Covid shots, but U.S. citizens do.

On transparency, Biden is not allowed to take questions or, if he does, they only come from friendly reporters. And his press secretary either does not answer questions or lies when she does, and is arrogant to boot.

Biden claimed he never talked to Hunter about his business dealings, but the emails on Hunter’s laptop say otherwise: Hunter says “that he is holding 10% for the big guy”.

Biden claims the rich need to pay their fair share of taxes while he ducks out on $500K of Medicare taxes.

What makes people so angry is that Biden’s and the Democrats’ lies are so blatant. They look you in the face and tell you the sun is shining when it is pouring rain. And they don’t care.

And just as infuriating is how the lamestream media parrots Biden’s lies and covers for him by suppressing or just not covering stories, like the disaster at the border and Hunter’s laptop.

Can anyone forget the reporter standing in front of burning buildings in Portland and claiming that the protests were “mostly peaceful”?

A reckoning is coming in 2022 but let’s hope the country can survive until then.

- Vincent M. DiSandro, Sr.
  Hillsborough, NC