BOCC December Update

Since the September 25 newsletter, the Board of County Commissioners has conducted five regular business meetings and two work sessions. These generally dealt with the routine business of the county government spending, taxing, and expanding itself and its involvement in citizens’ lives. The following are just a sampling of the activities. If you want to see a change in Orange County government behavior, you must participate! Attend the meetings and send comments to your commissioners.

Applications for grants and internal fund transfers to increase housing assistance programs were a frequent topic. This includes rent, mortgage, and eviction assistance programs. Sadly, it appears that some of this funding instead of being used only for United States citizens is being used for the illegal alien population. This has the appearance of shielding, sheltering, and harboring, which is a violation of federal law.

In the October 8 work meeting, there was discussion of pushing the ABC board to increase its funding to Orange County for the Drug Treatment Court program. The write-up on this item looks like good old-fashioned strong-arming and intimidation tactics.

During the October 20 meeting, the board approved item 4c which is a resolution supporting repeal of the Hyde amendment. The Hyde amendment prohibits taxpayer money from being used to fund abortions and the board wants taxpayers to be required to fund abortions.

The November 5 meeting resulted in approval of the property reappraisal program so get ready for tax increases in 2021. Remember, Orange County already has the highest property and sales taxes in the state of North Carolina. Additionally, Chair Rich requested that a resolution supporting reparations be prepared for a vote in a December meeting.

To cap it all off, in the November 17 meeting, the board accepted the 2020 – 2025 capital plan which entails $194.4 million in capital spending and $39.9 million of debt financing. Hang on to your wallets!!

- Riley Ruske
  Orange County Citizen