BOCC 2020 Year in Review

For several years, the Board of County Commissioners have undermined the sovereignty of our Nation and the rights of our citizens with their continuing support of the massive foreign criminal enterprise of illegal immigration. 2020 was no exception to this horrible behavior. During the January 21 board meeting, the commissioners applauded when an illegal immigrant called the courageous men and women of ICE the bad guys in black. This was followed with the approval of a budget on June 16 that included taxpayer funding for organizations that aid and abet the presence of illegal aliens in our county. To cap off the year, the November 5 meeting agenda appears to indicate that taxpayer Covid-19 funds are being used to shield, shelter and harbor illegal aliens through housing assistance programs that are actually intended for US citizens. These actions show a total disregard for their oath of office to “support and maintain the Constitution and laws of the United States”.

Of course, the June 16 budget was another increase in spending and borrowing and included the warning of large future property tax increases. The board has never given the taxpayers an accounting of all the money wasted on the Chapel Hill/Durham rail fiasco nor indications that anyone was held accountable for this horrific waste of taxpayer money. There have also been no indications of actions taken in the transit programs to ensure such a waste is not repeated. Orange County continues to have the highest sales and property taxes in the state and the board simply continues its tax, borrow, and spend policies with no regard for the citizen taxpayers.

While the year was filled with many boilerplate resolutions, several stand out as notable—you can read them on the county website and decide if they are good, bad, or just silly. On April 7, the board resolved to label Orange County as a socially conscious animal community, September 1 to adopt Juneteenth as a paid employee holiday, September 15 to support legalizing marijuana and expunging the records of criminals who violated associated laws, October 20 to support abolishing the Hyde amendment and basically make taxpayers pay for abortions, and on December 7 to support calls for reparations for events of over a hundred years ago. They also voted on Sep 1 with five opposed and two for the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of their meetings. Apparently, they do not need to be reminded of their allegiance to our Flag and Republic.

The board did perform the fundamentals of their duties on many matters but, sadly, always with the expansive mindset of more government involvement and expense. They faced the challenges of the Wuhan virus with varying degrees of sensibility and success. They endured the election loss of two incumbent members but reacted with a plan to restructure the commissioner election process to prevent that from happening again. Overall, it was business as usual for a government body that has little if any respect for the sovereignty of our Nation, the rights of our Citizens to be free from foreign interference and the concept of fairness to our taxpayers.

Please get involved during 2021 to help change the behavior and actions of the Commissioners—local government has more impact on our citizens than we realize and if we cannot influence local government, we have no hope of influencing state or federal government. You do have an opportunity to have your conservative voice heard--apply to be a member of any of the forty advisory boards or the fifty-four outside agencies that influence the actions of Orange County government. Look for these opportunities on the county website and on the websites of the outside agencies. And attend and speak out at the BOCC regular business meetings, whether in person or virtually.

Happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you all.

- Riley J Ruske
  Orange County Citizen