Calling all Conservatives and Republicans!

When Election Day rolls around do you say to yourself, "America's problems are so daunting that I don't think my vote will make any difference"? Nothing could be further from the truth--as the elections of both Obama and Trump have revealed. A precinct chairman can make a huge difference in conveying to individuals the value of their vote. Personal communication is the key. Here are some ideas that have helped increase turnout at the polls in my precinct:

  1. Create an email address specific to your precinct. Keep member's email addresses confidential by sending messages via "Bcc".

  2. Create a private Facebook group specific to your precinct. Give it an easy-to-find name.

  3. Print the above information along with an invitation "to receive ballot alerts before future elections" on a bookmark-sized flyer (one 8.5"x11" page produces five handouts) and hand out at various events, the poll site (early voting and election day), and door-to-door.

  4. Start your contact list with addresses of neighbors who you know are conservatives. Seek out additional contacts via the voter list available from your county GOP office. Since those lists do not include email addresses, you will need to call voters and ask for that information.

  5. Assure voters that their privacy will be protected and your communications will be only related to elections and the goings on of your local GOP.

When conservative voters realize that others in their part of town share their concerns, they will feel supported. And, when the precinct chair keeps them informed of candidate details, issues alerts, and opportunities to meet other like-minded voters, they will feel empowered. We need to do whatever it takes to involve conservatives in the electoral process. This November 2020 election is a critical turning point for America's Representative Republic.

Now is the time to consider serving as a precinct chair or in some other volunteer capacity. The Orange County GOP is preparing to launch a “Get Out the Vote” for President Trump and our strong Republican candidates. We need your help! If you are interested in learning about how we plan to do this and may want to volunteer, please contact one of the following:

OCGOP Office                                        919-245-1777   

Waddy Davis, Chairman OCGOP          919-259-8837

John Gaither, Vice Chair OCGOP          336-314-1610

Trish Randall, Secretary OCGOP          919-732-4389

Should you get an answering machine, please leave a message with your name and number. Someone will contact you.

-Kathy Arab
 Saint John Precinct Chair, Orange County