Escape from Poland

I'm an immigrant from Communist Poland. I escaped from there years ago (1985). Doing so put my family at risk. They could have been imprisoned.

I had a successful business there, but the Communist government taxed up to 90% from the successful people. I see that happening here. That's what Biden suggests.

We were taught history according to what the government wanted us to believe. The truth was passed down from our parents and grandparents, if we were lucky to have them, as so many grandparents died in WW II.

My greatest fear is that I may be subjected to socialism again. It makes everyone equally poor, and themselves, the government, equally rich and POWERFUL. They already do that to a large degree here.

Here is a fact: In Communist Poland food was scarce and limited. Martial Law was in effect December 13, 1981 thru July 22, 1983. It may be our next challenge after they take our guns.

Rationing was the norm, long lines for everything, power outages for hours were the norm. Look at California.

Traveling was forbidden without a permit. The government had everything they wanted in special stores.

Thanks to John Paul II's support and Reagan, the regime collapsed.

- Iwona Tauer
  Orange County Citizen