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Congrats to Sen. Dan Bishop on his primary win! He advances to take on AOC's protege Dan McCready in the general election. If you'd like to help out on his campaign and view their newest ad, do so here. On the national front, let's make it TWENTY-FOUR Democrats who've entered the Presidential race. Everyone's least favorite mayor Bill deBlasio is getting in, the same guy making NYC a much worse place to live than in the past. Heck of a season for the Bunch of Jerks. They'll be back.



The RNC is on a fundraising tear over the past couple years, and they broke another record this April. Make no mistake, Republicans are going to be in great financial shape going into 2020. Washington Examiner

Maybe this is why Democrats are trying to hold AG Barr in contempt. They're afraid of something, that's for sure. National Review

Add another bullet point to the resume of anti-Semite Rep. Ilhan Omar - open borders enthusiast. She came out in favor of the unpopular position of eliminate ICE, but also called for decriminalizing border crossings. Why even have them then? The Washington Free Beacon

Sen. Sanders has had a string of old videos pop up, showing his admiration for the Soviet Union and the murderous regime of Castro in Cuba. Not a lot of people know that he actually honeymooned in the Soviet Union in 1988. For a deep dive into his trip, take a gander. The Washington Post


Governor McCrory was accosted by the media after giving raises to his cabinet secretaries after the first year in office. Governor Cooper continues to get a free pass from the liberal editorial boards despite giving massive raises to his administration officials, and this past week is no exception, especially in regard to which department head it was given. WRAL

Perhaps the biggest move out of Raleigh this week was the ouster of NCSBE Executive Director Kim Strach. The NC Democrat Party made a misogynistic statement that she is defined by her husband instead of her own actions, to which there has still be no apology. Cooper laughably claimed he didn't give the order. Read about this ridiculous move here. Carolina Journal

Now, this one is from last year but has important relevance. Cooper's budget guy predicted a $600M shortfall for this year, and instead we have a $643M surplus. In 2009, NC had one of the biggest budget deficits in the nation, and that's because Democrats continued doing what Cooper did as a legislator - using nonrecurring funds for recurring expenses. For a deeper dive, check this out. NC Civitas

North Carolina's government agencies have been under audit lately, and the Cooper administration continues to have problems. The ABC, already under pressure from NCGA Republicans, used a vendor that had been shipping thousands of cases of liquor a year for free. Take a wild guess what the ABC did next? WRAL



The Senate continues to fill the judiciary at breakneck speed. Senator McConnell filed cloture this week on five more District court nominees and confirmed the 40th circuit court judge with the 41st to come probably next week. Senator Tillis, Burr, and the rest of the NC Republican delegation have been working on getting additional funds for Hurricane Florence recovery, and this week the Trump administration approved $336.5M more CDGB funds. The House voted on a bill that makes for good Democrat ads, but doesn't do anything to help you when it comes to drug prices. Check out Rep. Dan Crenshaw's Twitter for an explanation on how Democrats take an otherwise bipartisan bill and ruin it for no reason other than to create ads. 


As mentioned, the House has passed its version of the budget. The Senate's various appropriations committees will begin taking it up over the next couple weeks, and the John Locke Foundation has a good breakdown. The Senate has also passed another tax cut package, which includes increasing the standard deduction again. This route ensures more low-income families pay less in state tax. The House passed legislation aimed at addressing infrastructure needs in areas impacted by Hurricane Florence as the state waits on federal reimbursement. 


Below are the dates for the Third District runoff and the Ninth District general. In terms of the Third, there will be a debate for the two candidates. For more info, check out the Pitt County GOP Twitter.

Third District Primary Runoff Dates:

Absentee ballot voting begins - May 24 (request an absentee ballot here)

Early voting begins - June 19 (visit your county's board of elections website for hours and locations)

Early voting ends - July 5

Election Day - July 9

Ninth District General Election Dates:

Absentee ballot voting begins - July 27

Early voting begins - August 21

Early voting ends - September 6

Election Day - September 10

With the State Convention approaching, that means the election for a new Chair is still heating up. Your next chance to hear from the candidates is here in Raleigh. For tickets, check it out here: Rumble In Raleigh

Supreme Court Justice Paul Newby is kicking off his re-election campaign for the Chief Justice seat! Want to come? Check out the event page: BBQ & Bluegrass Campaign Kickoff

On June 7, the Friday night at the Convention, we'll have our first annual Cigar Caucus event! Everyone is welcome, so come out and enjoy: Cigar Caucus

Big news as it was announced this week that Senator Joni Ernst will be our featured speaker at the Convention's Saturday dinner! If you haven't registered for the Convention yet, there's still time: 2019 State Convention

Speaking of the Convention, a new Chair and Vice Chair will be elected to lead the NCGOP. Following the election, make your way to the NCGOP HQ in Raleigh to get to know them with a unity reception. Details are here: Unity Reception

Have a good weekend!

Jeff Hauser