Have You Heard About #WalkAway?

The #WalkAway Campaign is a grassroots movement of over 403,000 people founded in 2018 by former liberal Brandon Straka. It began as a social media video and written testimonial campaign in which people told their stories about why they no longer support the Democrat party. Some have turned their backs and walked away from it. Others may have been Independents or Conservatives who are tired of politics and government as usual and want to participate in a grassroots effort to protect and take back the country. Many are first-time voters. Together, they make up the #WalkAway Movement.

WalkAway creates documentary short films, public service announcements, hosts town hall meetings, city cleanups, and rallies across the nation. Brandon Straka regularly participates in TV and social media interviews, hosts town halls and conducts speaking engagements. Walkaway is organized into 50 state #WalkAway sub-groups and supporting leadership teams. Members of the state groups regularly conduct boots-on-the-ground marches, road rallies, flag wavings, voter registration campaigns, door knocks, participate in boat parades, etc. Lately, WalkAway teams are conducting Rescue America rallies across the country where Brandon and WalkAways are bringing the WalkAway message to the American people city by city.

If you know someone who is either disillusioned or on the fence this election, encourage them to visit these links and Facebook groups and join this inspiring grassroots movement!