Impeach Biden

Joe Biden has blood on his hands. As of this writing, 13 of our brave soldiers have been killed, and that number is likely to rise. All because of his stubbornness, refusal to listen to his military and intelligence resources about the dangers involved in a hasty, ill-planned evacuation from Afghanistan. Anyone who is not senile knows that you do not negotiate with terrorists, pull out your military, leave 80 billion dollars worth of hi-tech military equipment behind and abandon Americans.

The Democrats and the media own this debacle. They knew Biden was not up to the job but they pushed him forward and the media covered for him and suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story to get him elected. And while Afghanistan is going on, Nancy Pelosi is pushing ahead with their 5 trillion dollar spending package which will ensure the destruction of this country as we know it.

Even without Afghanistan Biden deserved to be impeached. He has done more to ruin this country in 8 months than even Obama did in 8 years. The border is wide open, inflation is raging, spending is out of control; every action he takes is designed to encourage people not to work and he has destroyed our energy independence.

Biden has refused to take questions about Afghanistan, turning his back and walking away from reporters. Perhaps they were not on the list of reporters that he has been "instructed" to take questions from.

When he met the caskets of the soldiers and marines who were killed he constantly checked his watch.

And he persists in bringing up his son Beau Biden who died of a brain tumor unrelated to any military service.

Bill McGurn in The Wall Street Journal had some advice for Biden. "You are not a gold star father, stop trying to play one on television."

So what happens if he is impeached? Kamala Harris? God help us.

- Vincent M. DiSandro, Sr.
  Hillsborough, NC