It's Time To Talk Turkey

Its Time to Talk Turkey -Happy Thanksgiving from your Orange County
Republican Party. It's not far away. But before we move into November, I want
to thank Waddy Davis for his work putting together the recent BBQ & Bluegrass
event, and all of those who volunteered, to make it success. Orange County
Conservatives enjoyed a day of re-connecting, and finding a place where they
could share their opinion, and not be shut down.
At our upcoming November County Executive Meeting on Thursday, November
11th, 2021, 7:00PM, our Guest Speaker will be, Mitch Kokai, Senior Political
Analyst, with the John Locke Foundation. Mitch will update us on Redistricting,
which will be the big topic in November in NC. NC was one of the 2020 Census
winners, by adding a new 14th Congressional District. The General Assembly is
also redrawing the lines for our General Assembly in Raleigh. Once the Maps
are drawn, NC Democrats have vowed to take the maps to court. The rush to
complete Redistricting will center around the Filing Dates for the 2022 Primary
Election, set to take place on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. To have that date, filing
begins next month. The filing period runs from December 6th, 2021, at noon and
ends December 17th, 2021, by noon. That time line has people watching and
thinking about jumping in the water.
In that March 2022 Primary, Citizens across NC will determine who will compete
next November for Richard Burr's soon to be vacant seat. Locally, US House
Representative 4th District, David Price (D), has announced his retirement, and
both parties are have contenders lining up. Joining Price in retirement will be
long time Chapel Hill resident, NC House District 56 Representative, Verla Insko
(D). The Primary race will also be the actual election for the Orange County
School Board. That Board, under the leadership of Chairman Hillary Mackenzie
(D), has been under fire during the Covid Crisis, for Mask Mandates, Vaccines,
School Renaming, CRT and Equity Issues. Her seat and 3 others are up for
election then.
You have probably been like me, entering the election booth and saying, “Why
are there not better candidates?” Even saying, “Why are there no Republicans
on the ballot?” Well it starts in a month. Have you considered putting your
money where your mouth is. To run as a Republican, you would have had to
been registered in the Republican Party back in September, 90 days prior to the
filing period. From there depending on the office desired go to the Orange County Board of Elections office, or the State Board of Elections office in Raleigh. The NC
General Statutes § 163 cover all of this in detail.
So again, Happy Thanksgiving. After you carve the turkey, and cut the pie, while you argue across the table with
family, and the conservation turns to politics, consider putting your money where you mouth is, and begin a part of
the solution.

In the Cause of the Right,

- Rev. John B. Gaither,
Chairman, Orange County Republican Party