Letter to the Editor: News of Orange County

Donald Trump has “restored government to its proper role” achieving historic milestones. 


  • lowered unemployment for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, veterans, youth, folks with and without high school diplomas.
  • increased median household incomes.
  • 4,000,000 off of food stamps.
  • increased blue-collar wage growth.
  • improved black and Hispanic poverty levels.
  • secured more funding to HBCUs than any other president, perpetuating contributions for 10 years.
  • reduced burdensome regulations on banks, credit unions, manufacturing jobs and small businesses.
  • modernized and improved military readiness.
  • first Space Force.
  • strengthened and secured our border.
  • targeted drug traffickers, successfully disrupting the flow of illicit drugs.
  • passed largest tax cut in US history.
  • less government across the board.



  • exited the Paris Climate Accord, eliminating strangling regulations.
  • replaced NAFTA with a US-Mexico Trade Deal, restoring business fairness.
  • increased US exports to the EU.
  • exposed and penalized China for forcing technology transfers, stealing intellectual property and abusing trade practices.
  • accomplished US energy-independence.
  • established fairness in defense spending with allies.
  • imposed tariffs on foreign metals, strengthening national security.
  • withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal.
  • closed a peace agreement between the US and the UAE.



  • issued travel bans, protecting Americans.
  • improved vetting of immigrants and refugees.
  • created hospitals.
  • invigorated ventilator design, manufacturing, and distribution.
  • developed tests, protocols, and vaccines.


Empower Trump to Keep America Great..."while we still have the liberty to do so.”

- Kathy Arab
  Orange County Citizen
  Submitted August 23, 2020 to the News of Orange County