Update: State Board of Elections Proposed Voting Changes REJECTED


Governor Cooper and his Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections tried to take Emergency Executive Power over our electoral process. They have been halted, at least temporarily, by the North Carolina Rules Review Commission. For more info on the Rules Review Commission click on … About the NC Rules Review Commission.

The Rules Review Commission is a little known state agency with the power to approve or disapprove rule changes of executive agencies. There are 10 Commission members: 5 recommended by the Speaker of the House and 5 recommended by the President Pro Tempore of the NC Senate. For the members of the NC Rules Review Commission click on … Members of the NC Rules Review Commission.

The Democrats are using the COVID issue to request "unprecedented power to alter election rules. If approved, these measures would let the Board of Elections accept ballots days after the election, delay vote counting, suspend due process and ignore legitimate challenges. None of these provisions protect public health." Their power is unbalanced, unchecked, and cannot be allowed to undermine the integrity of our elections.

I can assure you this fight over our election procedures is not over. Please stay in close touch with the Orange County GOP and the North Carolina GOP.

Find your NC House Legislator at NC State House Members

Find your NC Senator at NC State Senate Members

State Board of Elections can be contacted at elections.sboe@ncsbe.gov (919) 814-0700 (866) 522-4723 (toll free) Fax (919) 715-0135

Thank you and the members of the NC Rules Review Commission for all of your hard work and continuing attention to this matter.

Waddy Davis, Chairman, Orange County Republican Party