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We start with what was huge news last night. While most of us were sleeping, US airstrikes took out one of the world's biggest leaders of state-sponsored terrorism: leader of the elite Quds Force Qassem Soleimani. Make no mistake: this is a victory against terrorism, against an evil person who was undeniably responsible for hundreds of American deaths. Make sure to say a quick prayer tonight for all those in the Middle East right now. Washington Examiner

As we roll in to 2020, the RNC and Trump campaign are poised with massive financial war chests ready to unleash upon the eventual Democrat nominee. How much do they have on hand, you ask? After raising nearly half a billion this year, they have more than $200 million cash on hand and the Trump campaign raised $46 million in the final quarter of 2019. Ridiculous numbers. The Washington Post

Pelosi and other Democrats claimed that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed on 2017 would result in armageddon for Americans and that the tax cuts would overwhelmingly benefit the rich. New research shows that Democrats were wrong (as if you didn't know that). CBS

This story is from a couple weeks ago but I didn't get a chance to include it earlier. Some of y'all remember the net neutrality fight from a couple years ago. The rest of you are like, "Uh, what is net neutrality?" Long story short, the Obama-led FCC classified the internet as a public utility under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act as a solution in search of a problem. The Trump-led FCC repealed it and everyone predicted doom. Let's check in on that, shall we? Washington Examiner



The big story of the week (and last week) was the Obama-appointed judge issuing a preliminary injunction against the implementing legislation for the voter ID constitutional amendment. Since the judge denied Berger/Moore's request to be a party to the lawsuit, we're stuck with requesting AG Josh Stein appeal the ruling, which he said he'll do. WLOS

  • Want to ensure Stein and Cooper are held accountable when it comes to appealing the ruling? Call 'em both to ensure they mount a defense that adheres to your standards. If they don't, just remember that in November.
    • Office of the Governor: (919) 814-2000
    • Office of the Attorney General: (919) 716-6400

Cooper has proven to be a completely incompetent governor, embracing the radical far left and bringing the aura of corruption that surrounded the NCGA during his time as a Senator to the Executive Mansion. As a result, he hasn't been able to accomplish any of his promises that would send North Carolina backwards. That's a good thing and expect more of the same as Republicans hold the line in 2020. WRAL

Sen. Jeff Jackson is the (not one of; THE) most pompous legislator in the General Assembly. He frequently grandstands on the floor or tweets out stats that are embellished to make himself look good. Redistricting made his seat vulnerable and Mecklenburg Republicans should be absolutely pumped about his opponent Sonja Nichols. Read about her here. The Charlotte Observer

While this is a national story, this is exactly what Dale Folwell is doing in North Carolina. The Trump administration is requiring public hospitals to disclose their prices, and that's what Folwell is doing here. Here's why transparency is a good thing. CNN



Both chambers are out for the holiday season.


Both chambers are out until January.


The Harnett County GOP is hosting a forum for the candidates seeking the nomination for Lt. Governor on January 4. Check it out here: Harnett County GOP Lt. Gov. Forum

Coming up on January 18, 2020 is the annual North Carolina Right To life prayer breakfast and subsequent march in downtown Raleigh. It's the premiere pro-life event in North Carolina. Check it out: NCRTL Prayer Breakfast

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what's listed there.

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Absentee ballot voting begins on 1/13. Request a ballot here

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Early voting starts in 45 days on 2/13. Stay tuned for sites and hours.

The primary is in 60 days. Seriously. Get to know your primary candidates and be informed when you go to the polls. I know this gets said every year, but this is the most important election of our lifetime. Approach it with that attitude.

Jeff Hauser