OCGOP Censures Senator Richard Burr

The Orange County GOP Executive Committee has passed a resolution to censure Senator Richard Burr (R-NC).

This action was taken following Senator Burr's vote to convict former President Donald Trump in last week's impeachment trial, which showed his negligent disregard of the grass roots constituents that put him in office for three terms, as well as letting NC citizens down on other activities in the US Senate during his terms in office (as described in the Resolution to Censure). 

This censure represents a formal reprimand or rebuke that will remain a part of the official record of history related to Senator Burr's time in office, and is therefore an important reflection of his constituents' opinion regarding his years of public service.

This resolution was supported by the county Chairs in the 4th District, and was followed 24 hours later by a unanimous vote of the North Carolina Republican Party's Central Committee to likewise censure Senator Burr over his impeachment vote.