Orange County Schools September Update

Help us fight the dictatorship of the corrupt Orange County School Board and administration! Sign the Children's Health Defense pledge and pass along to your fellow community members to help protest the illegal mask and vaccine mandates.

There is also no end in sight for the repressive equity activism running rampant in our schools! You can read the Orange County Board of Education's Resolution toward Equity in Education here. Parents, we need you to help fight the incessant divisive activities this school Superintendent, Chief Equity Officer and School Board members are implementing at our cost! They have already spent $500,000+ in the name of equity with no educational benefit to our kids and they are not stopping! Please email the board members and the superintendent and tell them to STOP the EQUITY ACTIVISM or step down from their positions!

Email us, follow us on Twitter at our education-focused Twitter account, or visit the Concerned Citizens of Orange County Schools website to learn more.

- Orange County GOP Education Action Team