Orange County Schools August Update

For those of you who contributed to fighting back on the renaming of CW Stanford Middle School...thank you! Although this was a fiscally irresponsible effort costing taxpayers $200,000+ with ZERO benefit to our children (another reason why we need to replace these corrupt individuals), we were successful in stopping the school board from undercutting parents and choosing their own name!

The outpouring and pressure that was put upon them helped us rename the school Orange Middle School. The school board members tried to bypass parents and undercut their own renaming committee, renaming it Kizzmekia Corbett Middle School instead. This was an open violation of their own resolution #9300! It is just more proof that our school board does not care about the education of our children and/or the fiduciary responsibility that they have to the parents of our county! Again, thank you for getting into the fight!

We are not done though. To ensure that we can stop the corruption and activism taking place in our schools, we need to replace these people in next March's Orange County school board election! We still need viable candidates to ensure a TRUE victory to replace the candidates up for re-election and make our schools Activism Free Zones!  Please keep up the fight with us!

Email us, follow us on Twitter at our education-focused Twitter account, or visit the Concerned Citizens of Orange County Schools website.

- Orange County GOP Education Action Team