Public Comment on Proposed New Election Rules Closes June 1

The Democrats couldn’t do it legitimately through the ballot box, so now King Roy’s bureaucrats are illegally changing election rules to make it harder for Republicans.

In early 2021, the Democrat-controlled North Carolina State Board of Elections (NCSBE) proposed new election rules that would limit poll observers and chill free speech. The Republican Party is fighting back.

Republicans across the country are fighting for ELECTION INTEGRITY right here in North Carolina. The North Carolina GOP had lawyers testify, and the Republican National Committee poured in their support.

But most importantly, brave Grassroots Republicans stood up and spoke their mind about the State Board’s unlawful proposed rule changes.


Public Comment for the proposed rule changes is still open until June 1, as the State Board continues to ignore the will of the people.

THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU on these proposed changes. Click here to leave a message for Democrats, and let them know that Grassroots Republicans will not stand for bureaucrats meddling in our elections.

Proposed Text for Your Public Comment:

Dear Board of Election Members,

I am writing today to take issue with some of the proposed rule changes. First, I don’t think it's fair or wise to limit the number of poll observers in our elections. These poll observers are volunteers and cost the state no money. We should make it easier for observers to protect the integrity of our elections. All this proposed rule would do is keep citizens out of the polls, which increases the likelihood of fraud and decreases public confidence in the results. Second, why are we changing the definition of a billboard? This really seems like you’re changing the meaning of the definition to litigate and silence views that you don't agree with. Please stop with the political games. We should be encouraging our citizens to get involved with our democratic process, not cracking down on political participation. As a North Carolina voter, I implore you to rise above these partisan games and vote against these proposed rule changes.

North Carolina is a RED STATE. Let’s keep it that way.


You can see the original NCGOP Press Release on this subject at this link.