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After the 2020 General Election, Orange County GOP leadership advocated for the state to conduct a full forensic audit (as opposed to a simple recount or even a risk-limiting audit). Our legislators were contacted in November and again in January, to no avail.

Since that time, and after witnessing events unfold in other states like Arizona (Maricopa County), Georgia (Fulton County), and Michigan (Antrim County), a national movement to conduct full forensic audits in all 50 states has begun and is gaining momentum. The purpose of these audits is to uncover irregularities and loopholes that must be corrected legislatively in order to restore the public's trust in election integrity going forward.

Toward that end, there is a petition drive to garner the attention of our legislators in Raleigh. If you are concerned about issues with the North Carolina vote tabulation in 2020, please read and sign the petition to audit the 2020 election in NC. Please also forward the link to as many people as you know to help spread the word.

If you want to read some background and learn more about why people are demanding audits, check out the reasons here.

If you want to get involved and do more to help the effort to get a full forensic audit in North Carolina, consider the following:

  • Join the @NCAuditNews channel and/or @NCAuditChat group on Telegram, where you can get more information and join a work group. This grassroots effort has now grown to all 50 states under the national umbrella of @AmericaFirstAudits.
  • Another grassroots Telegram channel has emerged, fighting for canvassing to uncover voter registration anomalies. Join the NC Audit Force channel and/or NC Audit Force Discussion group to get involved. These state channels are guided by the national America's Audit Force channel.

  • Write to our legislators in Raleigh asking them to support a "full forensic audit" in North Carolina. You can find a sample letter here in Word or in pdf format.
  • Call our leaders in Raleigh and voice your support for a "full forensic audit."  You can find a call script here.
  • Contact info to write or call the relevant legislators may be found here.

Check out the following:


[UPDATE: 9/6/21]
Upcoming Election Integrity Events
For those interested in election integrity, there are several upcoming area events featuring national experts reviewing 2020 election data and more. For details and tickets, click the links below: