Silencing Silent Sam


On Tuesday, the Silent Sam Monument was torn down.  The mob ruled in his destruction, not the rule of law.  This was an act of anarchy taking place on a public land-grant University in North Carolina.

Chancellor Foyt’s passive disregard for security and safety allowed a group of approximately 250 thugs, students, anarchists, and Antifa members to take charge of the campus and destroy a confederate monument erected 105 years ago in memory of students who died in the American Civil War.  The Soldier did not have a cartridge box on his belt, which would have prevented him from firing his rifle.  These young men were students conscripted to fight in the war, not professional soldiers.

This was a well-orchestrated and organized vigilante group that had the tools to topple the statue.  We are waiting for a full investigation by a source outside the University to identify and fix accountability to those responsible.  UNC Chapel Hill needs to find a way to improve decision making that includes open and free discussion among students and faculty so events like the destruction of Silent Sam are prevented.  It may be time to find a new leadership at the helm of the University. 


Waddy Davis

Chairman, Orange County Republican Party

August 22, 2018