Sore Winners and the Cancel Culture

The Democrats won the presidential election but they are not satisfied. They want to punish anyone who did not vote for them or who does not support their radical agenda. They propose to silence Republicans on social media and prevent them from getting hired, publishing books, etc.

What should be our response? Obviously, we should vote them out of office, but that is a long two years away. What to do in the interim? I suggest we send a message, especially with our dollars. Do not give our business to any of the companies that support radical agendas. I would start with Nike for their support of Colin Kaepernick, moving on to Target for their support of men using women’s bathrooms. I refuse to watch the NFL and the NBA for their support of BLM and pampered, overpaid athletes who take a knee during the National Anthem. I dumped the News and Observer long ago over their extreme liberal bias. I intend to drop Twitter as soon as Parler is back up and I will minimize interactions with Amazon and Apple. Recently Twitter decided to ban Mike Lindell (My Pillow) because he supported Trump’s assertion of election irregularities. Now Kohls, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Wayfair will not market Mike’s products. I sent them emails letting them know that they lost me as a customer. And I will be looking for opportunities to buy something from My Pillow. I’m sure others can suggest other businesses that we should not support.

With respect to book purchases Regnery will publish Josh Hawley’s book when other publishing houses declined (in an effort to show their “wokeness”).

Does it work? I think it has and will. TV viewership for the NFL declined so much that teams were forced to decrease players’ salaries due to decreased TV revenue and I’ve heard that the NFL has toned down their support for so called “Social Justice”.

Katie Couric will probably lose her opportunity to host Jeopardy due to her insulting comments about Republicans. I’m proud to say I emailed them to protest against her.

Businesses are all about the money. If 75+ million people withhold their money from them they will get the message loud and clear.

- Vincent M. DiSandro, Sr.
  Orange County Citizen


Editor’s Note: The following websites may be of use to those who wish to “vote with their dollars”: