Statement on Voter Intimidation in Carrboro

Release Date: 10/29/2020 


Orange County GOP Statement On Voter Intimidation Happening In Carrboro, NC


Hillsborough, NC - Chairman Waddy Davis of the Orange County Republican Party released the following statement regarding the voter intimidation efforts led by the Town of Carrboro in violation of state election law. 

“We are fortunate to live in the greatest free country in the world. To believe, think and vote independently is the right of every citizen. Election laws need to apply equally to all people, and the law clearly states that campaigning or political activity within the buffer zone around a voting location is illegal. Unfortunately, the elected officials within the Town of Carrboro have decided to ignore the law and politicize the polling location at Town Hall,” said Orange County GOP Chairman Waddy Davis. “The truly sad thing is the verbal and sometimes physical abuse our volunteers receive from intolerant liberals while working the polling location in Carrboro. They have been cursed out, had materials stolen, been subjected to obscene gestures, and threatened on an almost daily basis from intolerant liberals. The breakdown of civility we see on the left on a daily basis creates instability, and we need leaders to lead by example and put civility ahead of partisanship. The elected leadership of Carrboro needs to act on behalf of all citizens of their community, not just those on the left. It is unfortunate that Carrboro town council members have chosen to display Black Lives Matter flags instead of the American flag during this critical election. Karen Brinson Bell, Executive Director of the NC Board of Elections, has issued a formal request to the mayor and council members to remove the flags, yet this request has not been complied with. Voting without intimidation or harassment is an American right.” 

Contact: Waddy Davis, Colonel (Ret.), US Army Special Forces

[email protected]