Stop Mandatory Vaccine Passports in North Carolina!

URGENT // Help Stop Vaccine Passports in North Carolina!

[UPDATE 5/2/21]: The latest update indicates that legislators are now seeking to omit discussion of the bill from the committee's agenda altogether, essentially killing the bill. Let them know that you want them to support the original bill in its entirety to protect North Carolinians from mandatory vaccines.

Also, feel free to share with legislators this "Notice for Employers, Universities, and Other Institutions Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines" from the Children's Health Defense, which explains that such mandates are in violation of federal law.

House Bill 558, a bill to ban mandatory Covid vaccines in North Carolina, is currently in committee in the state legislature. It is the only bill that has the potential to stop vaccine passports in this state. It is rumored that 5 Republicans including Speaker Tim Moore intend to strip this bill of its teeth and effectively open the door for vaccine passports. 


Please go to North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights (NCC4CR) to learn more about this legislation and the steps we must take to ensure HB 558 is not stripped down. Click on the red tab in the header labeled “May 4 Legislative Action Day” for detailed information.

Of particular importance is this video featuring Tara Niebaum and Mindy Sportsman of NCC4CR. Please watch it in its entirety or go to minute 20 for information regarding HB 558.


Please call the following Republican Committee Heads:

✅ Kristin Baker: 919-733-5861

✅ Donny Lambeth: 919-733-5747

✅ Larry Potts: 919-715-0873

✅ Wayne Sasser: 919-733-5908

✅ Donna White: 919-733-5605

✅ Speaker Tim Moore: 919-733-3451

Ask them if they support HB 558 in its entirety, including the amendment that offers business liability protection against Covid-19 OR whether they support the stripped down version (Section 1 only) that offers us ZERO protections against the private sector and ZERO protections against mandates after the State of Emergency is over.

Then, email them at:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


There will be a Legislative Action Day on May 4 to advocate for our healthcare freedom. This is a non-partisan event! The choice whether or not to get a vaccine should be yours, and yours alone! Click here to learn more about this event.

See you in Raleigh on May 4!