The Million MAGA March

Thoughts on the Million MAGA March, Washington D.C. Saturday, November 14, 2020 – What the media will not report. . .

Capitol Hill

"Fake News: Ya Think?"


Trump supporters filled Freedom Plaza and the surrounding streets from there to the Supreme Court. Trucks, cars, and pedestrians from practically every state were flying Trump flags. The police estimated one million in our nation's Capital for this exhilarating rally. Early that morning, we peaceful patriots had stepped into a quiet city intent on sending one clear message to Our President: "You've had our backs for four challenging years. Now, we've got your back!" A few earlier birds received an up close personal connection when President Trump's motorcade passed by. My travel group could hear their cheers from several blocks away as we made our trek towards downtown!

America's beautiful diversity of ethnicity, religion, age, and orientation represented itself with a spirit of love, grace, and appreciation. Not an ounce of violence within our ranks. Just “Pissed off Patriots” exhibiting controlled anger towards tyranny. No looting. No burning. No weapons. No beating up people. Just flags and posters, both handmade and professional, expressing our honest thoughts:  “The real virus is communism. Covid-19 is just how it spreads.” “The thief has come to Kill innocent babies, Steal this election, Destroy our nation. John 10:10” “LGBT Liberty Guns Beer Trump” “Fake News: Ya Think?” Even Smithsonian's National Museum of American History stood with us, displaying “We who believe in freedom cannot rest.” As the incoming crowds gathered together, we celebrated our unity singing “God Bless the USA” and "Here I am! Rockin' like a hurricane!"

The formalities began with everyone standing tall to sing our National Anthem and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Speeches from known entities -- like Mike Lindell ("My Pillow"), Scott Pressler (Keeping American cities clean), Ian Smith (owner of NJ's Atilis gym), and Sebastian Gorka – to average citizens like a fired up 16-year-old black man and Venezuelan immigrant woman, inspired us to resist the inevitable ruination from an election stolen by tyrants! Off in the distance we could hear counter-protesters yelling, but rally organizers admonished us to ignore them, not to engage, and to steer clear of their location. As we turned to march calmly up the street to the Supreme Court, Latinos for Trump led chants of "Stop the Steal!", "USA!" and "My vote matters!" At the foot of the Hill, police lined the park side of the street where The Proud Boys passed by us with a different kind of energy, but still no disruption. More speeches on the steps of The Supreme Court ended with NC native Vernon Jones (a graduate of NCCU, long-time Georgia state representative, and a Pro-Trump Democrat) declaring, "I'm not the last speaker because I'm black, but because they knew I'd fire you up! Feel the VERN!" And, did he ever!! Our final message to President Trump was chanting "We love you!!" 

Only as we were returning to the bus at dusk did any commotion disrupt our day. Police cars sirened down the street, sending us off the pavement as they turned the corner towards the park. A contingent of MAGA Patriots ran across the grounds shouting "USA!" to counter the disturbance. I'm still not sure exactly what happened because where we were was completely peaceful and chill. A statue of Benjamin Franklin appropriately positioned in front of Trump International Hotel reminded me of his famous words that we are "a Republic, if [we] can keep it!" The day immediately resumed quiet. George Washington's monument inspired me to continue doing my best to preserve what our Founders established.

Will you join me at DC Rally #2 on December 12? If anyone wants to attend the second Million MAGA March on December 12th, contact Sue Butcher at [email protected] for information.

- Kathy Arab
  Orange County Citizen