The Mind Reader



The Mind Reader


If we could only be like Carnac the Magnificent. You remember him right, the mind reader gag on Johnny Carson's Late Night TV Show. Carnac the "mystic from the East," would take out an unopened envelop and tell of it's contents. Ed McMahon would chuckle, and repeat the statement made by Carnac. Then Johnny would read the punch line to the joke, that was loosely based on his great mind reading ability, and the writers ability to be funny with the events of the day.

There are times in my life that I need those very skills. I am not talking about you, but someone you know. They watched the lastest monologue by Tucker Carlson last night, or Greg Gutfeild. Heard a talk radio show, something by Glen Beck on Blaze TV, a 6 part investigation podcast or the funniest cat video ever. They hammered home the controversy going in overseas politics, and my friend, not you, are well versed in the details, specifics and nuances of this information. They see me, text me, email me, call me or send smoke signals to get my attention. Since I'm the Chairman, I need to know what the UN, WHO, and a Nigerian Prince are doing, and that Trump is President. Then I have to drop all of the plates I'm juggling, to take up their new bit of information, and become just as much an expert they are.

We get our content from so many areas. Alternate Streaming, Podcasts, YouTube, Rumble, Facebook. Each presenter trying to stand out from the last. Predicting the future like Carnac, who made it look easier in the 70's, when there were only 3 channels, and if you missed it, too bad. You did not know what everybody else was talking about the next day at work. If only I saw it first.

In the Cause of the Right, -

Rev. John B. Gaither,

Chairman, Orange County Republican Party

(The tired juggler)