Thoughts on the Supreme Court Vacancy

In the event of a Supreme Court vacancy the President has a constitutional duty to nominate a replacement. This may take place AT ANY POINT in his term. Nancy Pelosi would like to impeach President Trump for fulfilling his constitutional duty.

A little history is in order. In the past 200 years at least 26 nominations have been made in election years. Sixteen were made before the election and ten after the election but prior to inauguration. The vast majority of these nominations have been confirmed.

Chuck Schumer wants to cry about precedent, while he threatens to pack the court, blow up the filibuster and do away with the Electoral College.

As stated by Dan O’Donnell on News Talk, “if President Trump were to abdicate his authority to immediately nominate a potential Justice and the Senate willingly delay a vote so that a President from a different party could claim the nomination instead—it would buck more than 200 years of historical precedent”.

Democrats moan and groan about Merrick Garland. Obama nominated him but the Republican controlled Senate chose not to take up his nomination. And they were perfectly within their right to do so. Why have the charade of a hearing when he was not going to be approved?

Democrats demand that Trump honor Justice Ginsberg’s supposed dying wish that she not be replaced till a new president is elected. As someone said: this is not the Make-a-Wish foundation. If she wanted to control who replaced her she should have retired in 2015 when she was 82 and Obama could have replaced her.

If anyone thinks that the Democrats - if they had the White House and the required votes in the Senate - would not fill a Supreme Court seat, they are sadly mistaken.

- Vince DiSandro
  Orange County Citizen