What is Critical Race Theory?

William Galston, a rather liberal columnist for The Wall Street Journal, had a great piece on Wednesday, July 21, on Critical Race Theory. Since it has been in the news so often lately he wanted to understand more about it, so he reviewed a collection of essays by the movement’s founders titled Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings that Formed the Movement.

This is what he found.

  • "Critical race theory denies the possibility of objectivity."
  • "The theory moves race to the center of our focus."
  • "The founders of Critical Race Theory identified with Black Power movements much more than those who were working for integration."
  • "Critical race theory is an explicitly left-wing movement inspired by the thinking of an Italian neo-Marxist, Antonio Gramsci."
  • "The theory offers a fundamental critique of the civil rights movement and the liberal ideology it reflects."
  • "Critical race theory rejects the principal of equality of opportunity…The real goal is equality of results..." They “reject the idea that sought-after goods should be distributed through systems that evaluate and reward ‘merit’."

One of the proponents of Critical Race Theory who has been getting a lot of press recently is Ibram X. Kendi and his book How to be an Anti-Racist. He maintains that the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination and the only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.

This is scary stuff. And the scary thing is that it is invading our schools and poisoning the minds of our children, being pushed on our military, and infecting businesses who want to be seen as "woke".

We must do everything we can to push back against this garbage. People, especially parents, are becoming aware and are fighting back vigorously and we need to join them.

- Vincent M. DiSandro, Sr.
  Hillsborough, NC

Editor's Note: The Orange County GOP's Education Action Team is working on the issue of CRT in our schools here in Orange County. They have created a website where you can get some background information and/or sign up for their email list. Visit it at Concerned Citizens of OCS.