Why I Support Republicans

Do not let the USA become a socialist country!

My name is Rae. I was born in a small village in the southwest of China in the middle of the 60s. China was a socialist country.

In my early memory, I always felt hungry and wanted to know if I could make everything I see as food. My family had porridge year around. There were no vegetables or meat. Pickles or chili sauce were on the table for every meal. If we were lucky and could catch some grasshoppers, baboo worms, bee worms or rat, we felt so happy and cooked them. The land belonged to the community and people worked together. The food was distributed according to the days people went to work at the field, so people did not work hard. Harvest was bad.

In the 80s, I went to college because the college admitted students based on merits. I came to the USA in the 90s as a foreign student. I felt USA was so beautiful and people were so nice. I did not pay attention to politics because the USA had a good democracy, until May 2016 when President Obama declared his bathroom order and I felt astonished. When I did research about the policies of the two parties, I found the policies of the Democratic Party like welfare, open borders, and giving welfare to illegal immigrants are socialist policies. They would make the USA weak and poor. The policies of the Republican Party make the USA more prosperous. They give people jobs and dignity.

I began to support the Republican Party. In 2016, I donated some money to the Trump campaign, encouraged people to go vote and persuaded them to vote for the Republican party in my church. This year, I donated some money to Trump, Tillis and Dan Forest's campaign and went canvassing with the Orange County Republican Party.

From my experience from a socialist country, do not vote for the Democratic Party. Do not let the USA become a socialist country!

- Rae Zhou
  Orange County Citizen